Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In honor of my 30th birthday today, you get 30 random thoughts from me. Lucky you!

  1. The last time I blogged was 10/9 which is Marc's birthday. Tonight is my birthday. Didn't happen on purpose! And both days were pretty awful, actually. :) The kids are being extra "loving" to us lately and helping us learn how to be more patient and gracious. But I couldn't imagine life without them.
  2. My newest daughter knows that I am home from work at night and will NOT let Marc do anything for her. She is a little mom-crazy. And Mom is a little Emily-crazy, too.
  3. It's a good thing that I'm using the "numbered bullets" setting in Blogger, because I'm honestly not sure if I could even count to 30 coherently. Lack of sleep, anyone?
  4. Hey, I didn't say that these would be "awesome" thoughts from me...just random. Your luck is growing by the minute!
  5. I borrowed 5 books from the library on Monday. I still haven't finished reading the 1 book I started a month ago. Not like me at all. I miss reading and all those fun things I did before I had a baby.
  6. I have the absolutely most wonderful husband on this planet. I am so proud he's mine...(we celebrated 11 years of marriage in between the last post & this one).
  7. I'm suddenly getting worried that this is going to be really boring for you, the reader. I mean, I can come up with 30 things to say, but it's looking bad. Really bad.
  8. I might start talking about work and how I'm finally feeling settled in my job.
  9. Or about how I have no friends outside of work in this state. But I think that's a good thing because I don't really have time for friends right now. My poor children don't even get my "best." Someday, kids. I will sleep again, promise.
  10. 10 is twice the age of my son Z who turned 5 last Friday. He is 41 lbs and 46 inches tall. Thank God for His infinite wisdom in making babies SMALL. Can all moms around the world say, "yes and amen?"
  11. Raise your hand if you immediately thought of a song by Hillsongs in the late 1990's.
  12. Raise your hand again if you still sing that song in church.
  13. Okay, put your hands down. It's starting to smell in here.
  14. Hardy-har-har-har. I'm actually starting to crack myself up laughing. You know it's getting bad now...are you still with me? "You know you're my friends if..."
  15. understand my true feelings for brownies and all things caramel. And add them together,'ll have to pardon this brief interruption for a moment while *insert quiet elevator music* ok I'm back. No, there's nothing on my face--chocolate, you say? Not me.
  16. I don't know if I'm going to make it through this little exercise. Maybe I'll start thinking of things that happened during the age of the # I'm typing on. Does that make sense? No? Ok, well, when I was 16 I...moved to AL (halfway across the world it felt like), met a whole bunch of new, life-long friends, had my first and only car accident (in which I actually hit the car of the fire chief who showed up on the doorstep of my new house the following Monday because I told him I didn't know if we still had insurance because we were in the process of moving and my parents were in the middle of the USA driving the rest of my siblings & stuff down to AL from PA and the cop asked me where I lived & I said "see that Residence Inn behind you?" and then he said "who do you stay with" and I said "my brother" and he said "how old is he" and I said "15" and it just keeps getting better. So that's why the fire chief showed up at my house on Monday. And yes, it WAS really fun to create that superman, run-on sentence. Thanks for asking.
  17. This is the year I fell in love with my husband. Only he didn't know it for a while. God told me I was going to marry him and I said, "Him? are you sure?" Not because he was awful but because he had chosen not to date any girls in order to focus on God his senior year. Talk about your Godly foundations. This is also the year that Marc *informed* me we were going to get married. I said "how about asking me?" and he said, "yeah, we'll get to that later." LOL And the ride never ends...
  18. If you're counting, this is the year I got married. Although I was only 3 weeks from my 19th birthday so that makes it all better, right? I don't regret marrying young except that we were young and penniless. Not the best financial start but God knew what was what. And He still does. This was also the year Marc got me opal earrings and opal necklace for my 18th birthday. My favorite jewelry still.
  19. I got my wisdom teeth removed at 19. Yeah, not as exciting as the rest of it. My Nana (great grandmother) passed away and went to be with Jesus this year. She was 102, I think? Or 103. I'm not sure, but she was old. And the sweetest thing you ever saw. Wish I had her prayer that I think about it.
  20. This was the year of Y2K. Ha ha ha now THAT's funny to think about! Y2K...snort.
  21. We moved to northern AL this year. I worked for an OB-GYN doctor in Huntsville. Huntsville Hospital has the best cafeteria I've ever seen. Marc & I still talk about it. That makes us weird, I know. But I don't care.
  22. Rockford IL was the new homestead this year. We lived with the sweetest retired couple, Frank and Loretta. They opened their home to us and were so gracious to try to remember what it felt like to be our age. We tried to imagine what 70 and 84 felt like, but I'm sure they were better at it than we were. They lived in an older home with cobblestone streets. A factory nearby did some sort of metal stamping or something strange where this big machine hit the ground a hundred times a day and made the house shake. I would be lying in bed so still and the bed would move. A little freaky, yes.
  23. Moved again but only across town this time. A sweet farmhouse that is now Wind Ridge Herb Farm. The picture under the "events" tab is where we had our first lawn swing. The wind blew over that swing about once a week and eventually the field creatures ate the swing cushions. But it was the best. The picture under the "gardens" tab was our front lawn, but it was just grass then. One of our favorite houses ever.
  24. We lost our first little baby this year...definitely a hard year. But God was good, and He is gracious.
  25. Wow, we're getting super close to 30. Finally! This year I got mad at God because of #24 and then 2 days later found out I was pregnant. With my favorite son Zachary. What a blessing he is...I also spent 7 weeks on bedrest and gained 61 pounds, which took me 2 full years to lose.
  26. This year is very much a blur. I know we went to Las Vegas to visit Marc's sister and family for the summer. Never do that, ok? LV is not for summer touristing, I promise. 98 degrees at 7 am in July is not my idea of fun.
  27. I hope we never have to relive this year ever again. 3 miscarriages, a move from hell (not an exaggeration and from which I think my father in law will never recover). And I think I may never look my age...while being a Rock Star!
  28. A great year. I had my first daughter and saved lots of money on groceries by using coupons. Did a lot of traveling to see family this year.
  29. Moved to West Virginia...started a new job...the rest is a blur.
  30. Which brings us to now. I'm going to celebrate by watching a little TV, eating some fresh raspberries my wonderful husband bought me, and switching out my purse to the new one I just got for my birthday.

Thanks for indulging me...hope you enjoyed! Good thing I don't have a birthday for another year, right? :)


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday! Is it weird that I just read all of that? Just kidding, I remember when you moved to AL. That was so long ago.

Janet said...

Hi Krista,
Well, I just can't go to bed without a nice long comment on this post...
1. that is so sweet that Emily wants you when you get home from work and doesn't want Marc - funny how she knows already huh?!
2. Your random thoughts were starting to really scare me so I liked that you started telling about things that happened in the year of your age for the number.
3.yes I do understand your true feelings for brownies - I can't make them without thinking of you!
4. I hate #16 - because it DID feel like you moved to the other side of the world and I HATED it! I still remember exactly where I was when you told me - I was at church in that old conference room, you know where we had our missions and leadership meetings? There was a phone in there, I dont' know why I was at church and you weren't, but we were talking on that phone, this was before the time we had cell phones! and I felt like my heart was literally breaking in two - yes, I HATE #16.
5. #26 would also be the year your bestest friend got married and moved to the other side of the world - literally. I think we should have stuck with AL!
6. hope you enjoyed those fresh raspberries - sounds so yummy!
7. I really really really miss you!!!!!!!!!!

Jacque S. said...

I'm glad I was there for so many of those years. You are my favorite older sister and I miss you more than words can say. I laughed so hard through this blog and you are truly a great writer. I raised my hand to "yes and amen" and laughed so hard reading back over your old blogs, especially the part where you played guitar hero and wanted to throw down the plastic guitar, high fiving Marc all over the place. I am laughing so hard right now cause i can see it in my head SO vividly! "and everybody was laughing.." I miss you so much. I hope I see you before you turn 31. :) LOVE YOU.