Monday, February 6, 2012

To my favorite man in the whole world....

This post has been in my head for awhile now...I love you and still, all these years later, can't believe you picked me.

  • When you open up Goldfish bags, you make the bag into a little spout which makes the snack come out better with no mess. I'm not sure if you do this for me, or if you just like it that way. But it makes me happy.

  • You are the king of knowing fascinating random facts about everything...and you teach our children to love randomness. It makes them look at the world in a whole different way. I love that.

  • You like my cooking, or at least have pretended to for 12+ years. Even when I have the annoying habit of critiquing my own cooking each and every time, you just smile and say "it's good." Steady...I like that.

  • You know things. Like the time when I was afraid to tell you I was pregnant with baby #3--pregnancy #8--because it was not in our plans and I knew how much it worried you. I was nauseated by the corn you made for dinner and pushed it around on my plate. And you said, "You need to eat that corn. It's good for the baby." And then you said you already knew I was pregnant because of my voice on the phone a few days earlier. The knowing you have about everything drives me insane...yet it grounds me, here with you forever.

  • Life with you is never boring. I never know what you have planned for the day but almost always it's something I would not have thought of. Your love of adventure dragged me onto a train halfway across the country for vacation....and has master plans to drag me back for retirement to your blessed Chamberlain. I hope I like it there.

  • You see beauty in things I never can. Lining up cars and taking close up pictures of them on the carpet. Arranging decks of cards and playing dramatic music while videoing the whole thing....and then laughing your head off when your video's panning out just so happens to occur at the grand finale of whatever soundtrack you love at the moment.

  • Still you boss me around, but only when I need it. You give me room to grow and change, yet reel me in when I need some boundaries. I feel safe with you.

  • You love my heritage, carefully packing and unpacking the precious Ukrainian Easter Eggs my great-grandmother made, and gently reminding me that it's time to keep up my skill of pierogie-making to keep it in the family. Our home is filled with things that are precious to us but have little value to the rest of the world...and I like it that way.

  • When I first met you, you wore Jnco's to church instead of dressing up with the rest of us. You somehow convinced me that God didn't care what we were wearing and I became proud of your comfy flannel shirts and crazy wide leg jeans. I still think you'd look good in a pair of those....(I thought of this yesterday when I laughed at my jeans attire during church!)

  • You love me. And I love you. Forever. Thanks for never making me doubt it.


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Shauna L Stone said...

Just made me cry, stinker! I loved everything you just wrote. My favorite brother is pretty great. I am forever grateful that he picked you. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

This breaks. my. heart. Completely broken. RIP Krista. You do not know me but we went to the same church and your son was in my husbands Ranger Kids class. He is broken over the news of you and Zachary. We pray all of those who are feeling even more broken. We know the place you have gone is far better than this dark, sometimes horrible world. In that thought, we feel a peace for you and Zach.

Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus, I thank you that Krista and Zachary are with you now in worship around your throne. I pray that the light of God's love will shine through this dark time and draw souls back to your heart. May those members of Kristas family that remain here on earth be surrounded with your healing presence. Jesus you are great and we worship would through this storm. Heal us and bring us close to your heart.