Monday, December 3, 2012

Let me be grateful

This is the post in which I ramble on about the things I am grateful for.  They are many, and most of them are not things you would even care about.  But it makes me so happy to see them in writing, and get what you get.

  • My love made me fried rice for supper.  He knows how much I like it and surprised me with it.  I love him a lot....he has given me so much grace, so much.  After 13 years I can't imagine myself being any more in love with him, and yet I know in 10 years, I'll say the same thing.  
  • Speaking of love, I viewed a random blog on Sunday with pictures of grooms seeing their brides for the first time.  Just look at the priceless moments captured on film.  Later that day, we went to church where God was...and oh, He was!  I thought again about that blog with the pictures of the grooms and the looks on their faces.  And I thought, I want to be so beautiful to Him that on that day that He returns for me, He stands there with a look of wonder and amazement at His bride.  I can't imagine being any more in love with Him in 10 years, and yet I know I will be!
  • I'm grateful that my work hours have slowed so much.  I'm working around 9 hours a day instead of 12-13.  Honestly, it feels a little like a vacation after working so hard for over a year.  I am supremely thankful for this.  I'm spending more time with my kids, and getting more sleep--both very good things!
  • I'm grateful that I have so much.  My home is always heated and cooled, my water always runs when I turn on the faucet, and I don't have to trudge out to the back yard to use the restroom.  If I'm sick, I have medicine and cough drops I can use to help me feel better.  I go to sleep at night on the most amazing mattress with warm blankets and even a fake rain noise maker to make me feel comforted.  My husband and I have two paying jobs right now, despite our feelings about both working, and we are still able to care for our children full time ourselves.  My bills are all paid with a little extra usually, and we eat a lot.  Probably too much.  We. Have. So. Much.  I am overwhelmed.
  • I am really grateful about Christmas this year.  The last few years, Christmas-time has been rough for me.  Special for my family, I'm sure, but for me, in my heart, it has been hard.  I spent last Christmas very stressed about my job...the one before that we drove from WV to AL (a drive which I hope I will never have to make again), and the one before that I was physically sick and emotionally miserable at my circumstances.  This year, my life is just so rich.  I am surrounded by my family (all but one sister who lives in NM with her family) just a few hours away.  For the first time in my life, I feel able to give presents to those I choose from a grateful, excited heart.  I have things picked out I feel will be meaningful (I hope!) to those I love, and I just can't wait to give them.  It makes me wonder how our Lord felt when he was doing all that "growing in grace, and in the sight of God and man" while He was young.  I mean, seriously....if you know what was going to happen when you were 33 and what it would mean to the world, how hard would it be to keep that all to yourself for the next 20 years??????
  • I am grateful that my children sleep pretty well.  It didn't use to be so, and I remember that and accept this season of rest with utter thankfulness.  By 8:30 or so, I can wind down and have an hour before bed for "fun" however I choose to use it.
  • Grateful for a hard working husband, who gives me grace when I am choosing to use my hour to blog and get some thoughts out of my head, instead of finishing up the dishes or folding some laundry.  He doesn't judge me and gives me space to be me.
  • I'm grateful that my children's natural leaning away from the things of God, is what keeps me close to God.  I need Him so so much, to know how to gently lead these kiddos He's given me.
  • I'm grateful for new neighbors who love the Lord...and some new neighbors who may not but are just as precious to Him.  I have never in my grown up life had "real" neighbors who send their kids to each others' houses.  It is absolutely precious and wonderful!  Looking forward to getting to know them more this next year!
  • Thankful for all the leaves in my yard, because it means I have a yard, and I have trees in the yard that provide shade during the hot summers of AL.  My yard is fenced and is exactly what we prayed for a few years ago, when we lived in the 2nd floor apartment above the cranky older couple whose female half took a nap daily at 4 pm (witching hour for my kids).  Thankful that Marc or I did not crack during that very stressful season, and I'm not sure I would be as grateful or content to rake leaves if I had not been through that time.
  • Thankful, just thankful.  For Riddlers Skittles when I don't know when I'm getting the melon flavored ones I hate, and for 3 bowls of Frosted Flakes to remind me of the days I was pregnant with Zachary, and for this striped long sleeved shirt that matches my baby sister's shirt that we bought together last year, and for friends far away I wish I could spend more time with.  For wedding rings that mean more than just a status symbol, they mean for always no matter what and he has proven that to me.  For doubles in dominos, and L.L. Bean catalogs that come in the mail and make me drool.  For my electric blanket that is my dearest winter friend, and my striped-with-tassels slippers that make me feel like a cross between the cat in the hat and the Grinch.  Thankful for sacrifice, and for love, and for the whole reason we celebrate this month.

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