Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 weeks?

Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I posted anything? Just in case you're wondering, I have worked on my house & "blitzed" & cleaned the last few weeks...just no posts to document it! Life has been a bit crazy around here with some family in town, Easter, and a new little tooth to complement the other two.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks:

At Makenlee's 2nd birthday party, taken by my friend Melissa (her mom):
I need to frame this picture. In the worst way.

My brothers surprised us on Easter Sunday (mom & sisters were already visiting). It was the first time in 3 years all 6 of us kids have been together and we made the most of it! I have some very, very cool siblings. I wish we could all live together would be a blast!

In order from left to right: Katie (#6), Jacque (#4), Mike (#5), John (#2), Krista (#1), Joe (#3) This is in order of birth & not coolness. Heaven knows I am the nerdiest one in this bunch!

This past weekend, Marc's parents came into town for a little visit. We drove into the mountains for a trip to the "Y" in Townsend. Kenna got her first dip in the's kind of a family thing that every new kid has to be "baptized" in the Y. (This is not a religious thing, just one of those traditions...)

Zachary screamed when we first dipped his feet in. He was exactly Kenna's age. She was fascinated by it & didn't cry at all, which was shocking, considering that Z got to experience the water in June and for Kenna it was April! That water is coming straight down from the mountains and let me tell you it is cold.

Thanks to Marc's parents (& my mom & Katie) for watching the kids & giving us 2 date nights in 2 weeks! We had more date nights in 2 weeks than we have in the last 7 months combined. We had an awesome time together & for a few *short* hours remembered what it was like before children & second jobs.

So...updates. Zachary is becoming quite the little man. He talks about going to school all the time, and has especially become interested in baseball. He tells me when he is "4 or 5" he is going to school and will play baseball (T-ball) because he "is a really big strong boy." Though his talking can make anyone tired :), he is a bundle of joy and smiles. One of his new favorite things is reminding us which color of car belongs to which of his family, friends, and/or friends' parents. It's quite exhausting, and I'm not sure how he remembers, but he does!

He also has a profound love of flip flops. He will wear them around the house, even if he's only in his underwear. Last year's pairs (red & green) were way too small, so on our date night, Marc & I stopped to get the little guy a special treat: 4 new pairs of flip flops from Old Navy. (At $2.50/pair, you really can't go wrong!) He is excited about them and loves to mix/match. Today we went out to a Chick-Fil-A Kids Night event and he insisted on wearing one green flip flop and one red flip flop.

Kenna is growing so quickly! She is at that "fun" age, where she is starting to babble, sit up, and trying to crawl. She will get up on all fours & rock back and forth, but at this point, even after 2 weeks, she can only crawl backwards. It frustrates her to no end! She gets so fussy when she realizes she's moving backwards instead of forwards. One of the other things she will do is get up on her tippy-toes like she is going to do a push-up. She does manage to go forward a bit in that position, but she still hasn't quite figured it out. I just think it's adorable watching her--it looks like she's doing some kind of baby yoga.

She adores her big brother; Z can make her laugh at the drop of a hat these days (always helpful when I need to get some chores done). She is a home-girl and loves loves loves to be home. She does enjoy new things & getting out of the house, but you can tell when we have been out & get home after a long day out---she just grins when we walk in the door as if to say "Ahhh! I'm home!" Kenna gets super jealous of her daddy these days. When Marc gets home, she wants him to go right to her. If he kisses me or plays with Zachary first, Kenna will do this fake cry that she has to try to get his attention. It's so sweet to see her with her daddy! She is finishing up cutting her 3rd tooth (all bottom teeth).

Marc & I are just surviving. :) There's not much else to say but that! We love and hate this season of life we're in. Some days seem so long and so hard, that it's difficult to remember it won't last forever. We're trying so much to focus on the sweet moments with our kiddos, even when we're tired. We remind each other "it's just a season," and we are thankful every day for our miracle babies, and this loving family God has blessed us with.

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