Thursday, April 2, 2009

This week in pictures

I just thought this look on Kenna's face was so cute! She's really starting to move around where she wants to go...every direction but forward, to her dismay. Z was reading to her in this picture.

They each start to get a little jealous when the other gets "daddy time" so I often find Marc holding both kids at once.

This is a great plush pillow that my dad bought for the kids at Disney World last month (Z got one, too; his is Pluto). It velcros into a regular-looking stuffed animal. I thought this was funny because it looked like Tigger was giving birth to Kenna. Sorry if that grosses anyone out, but I thought it was pretty hilarious. :)

And this is how I found her this afternoon while I was fixing lunch for the kids. Z is finding all sorts of interesting ways to "entertain" himself & Kenna these days! Unfortunately, right after I took this picture, I came back into the room to find him lifting up her entire exersaucer, almost flipping her over on her head. I'm a little bit worried about what he'll think of next....

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Erica said...

oh my gosh that tigger pictures is awesome!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha