Monday, June 29, 2009

Army museum, Ft Rucker, AL

Apparently, this was either the highlight of our trip, or the only time I remembered to take pictures while I was in decide!

Z going into the CH 47 Chinook helicopter.

Mom, Pete (Mom's boyfriend and a retired-Army-pilot-turned-instructor...and a great tour guide!), and Z...sorry these are dark, but there wasn't a lot of light in there!

Kenna was enjoying her "ride" in the back of the Chinook.

Bad picture, but if you can see it a little, it will give you some perspective of how big this helicopter is.

Pete and Zach. Z was SO excited about the pilot's hat Pete bought for him!

See how little she looks next to that thing?

Some old airplanes

The story of the Red Baron

Pretty much the only thing we heard the whole day was, "Hey Pete..." Zach was just so excited!

In the simulator

Kenna had to take a turn, too!

This place was really very cool. I find it hard to believe I lived in Dothan for so long and never went here! Hope this wasn't picture overload for you... :)

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