Saturday, August 7, 2010


Where did it go? Sadly this blog has been neglected. How depressing is it that I didn't even know my background wasn't showing up anymore? :)

I really miss the time I used to have to ponder life & archive my thoughts. Lately, I'm just thankful I get to eat 3 meals a day and fall into bed every night!

A few updates:


I am 32 weeks pregnant now (well on Monday I will be--it just sounds better!). Baby Emily is moving like crazy. Although I vaguely remember this stage, it always seems like "my other babies never moved this much!" But then again, I do remember thinking that when I was pregnant with Kenna--so I'm pretty sure it's just my memory and that all babies move that much. Her full name is Emily Jayne. Marc picked it out & I love it too. I told him I was too busy to think about baby names, which I'm sure sounds ridiculous, but it's really true. After thinking all day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and think hard about a possible baby name! Anyway..

I am scheduled for my c-section on Monday, 9/27, unless I go into labor earlier. It's hard to believe that I can actually say "next month I am having a baby." And yet, I am so grateful to know that there is an end in sight! No complications this time around, except a little hiccup--at 28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So far it's been mild, I can control it mostly with my diet, and other than the fact that I nightly mourn my ice cream, cookies, donuts, pizza.....I'm doing great. Hee hee At least I'm keeping my weight gain under control, right?

50 days and counting.


Marc got a part time job, ironically for the same hospital I work for. It feels weird to work at the same place, but we're never there at the same time. He works weekend nights, every other weekend. It works out well because he loves the quiet at night and I'm home those weekends to watch the kids while he gets some sleep. All in all a good arrangement that is allowing us to pay off a little more of our debt....which is always a good thing!

Zachary's adjusted fairly well to being out of school--something I was definitely concerned about. It helps tremendously that we have a nice big pool in our apartment complex; Marc & kids visit a few times a week as the weather allows, & I've even managed to join them several times. He is "almost 5" as he likes to say and is counting down the days until school starts next month and he can celebrate his 5th birthday to "be as old as Grant" (his friend at school). He was a ring bearer in my sister's wedding a few months ago and LOVED his tuxedo. Seriously, he cried when we told him we had to give it back to the Bridal shop! It was a highlight for me, watching him enjoy something so much. He writes his name and can even sight read several words and sound a few words out. I'll bet he'll be reading by this time next year--he loves words. He is still the ultimate flip-flop lover, and cries when we make him wear sneakers if it's raining. He would wear them in the snow if we let him!

Kenna Boo has grown about 3 inches in the last 3 months. She's not my baby anymore, and definitely looks and acts like a 2 yr old (her birthday is 1 month away). She has beautiful hair and is finally enjoying me putting it in pigtails. Necklaces, bracelets, purses, shoes...she loves all the girly stuff and says "pretty, Daddy!"--but at the same time, won't hesitate to dig in the dirt & mud outside. She is desperately trying to be "like Bubba" in pretty much every way. Monkey see...Monkey do. Her vocabulary has really grown over the last few months, and we're enjoying hearing all her new words. "Nuggles" is one of her favorite words and she is not shy about requesting nuggles. She even knows how to use nuggles to her advantage and will pretend she wants nuggles just to sit in your lap to eat what you're eating or play at the computer. Reading is also a favorite activity and we're at the "read every book 600 times in a day" stage. Fun. :)

And me...well, I'm here. I was re-reading a few posts before starting this one, and I read the post about manna. What's interesting is that my Bible study today was about manna--basically how the Israelites were crying out to the Lord for answers and provision. He sent them manna and they said "what is it?" They wanted food but didn't expect that kind of food, you know? The study was challenging us to think about what ways we might be experiencing that in our own lives. I was thinking back to this time last year and how we were desperate for change (Marc's work, finances, etc). And yet we never thought He'd answer the way He did...and in lots of ways we're still figuring it out and saying "what is it?" I'm trying to focus more on thankfulness and God's provision. He knows and understands how each minute of each day fits into His master plan--I'm excited to think that one day I'll know how all this fits in!

I promise I'll post a few pictures soon. I've got some sweet ones of Emily (3D/4D) and a few others of the kids I need to put up. It's been too long since I did that. Hope this post finds you all well, and I also hope that I get to post again before my baby is born!


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Janet said...

YEA - Krista updated her blog :-) So So So enjoyable to read ("hear") what's going on in your life/family! MISS YOU!