Monday, May 11, 2009

A picture journal

Dad & Lisa came to visit a few weekends ago. We had a great time with them. Dad was helping us fix our couch...somehow we all ended up in the kitchen at the same time & we realized, "Where's Kenna?"

At this point, she wasn't crawling, but she could still get herself where she wanted to go. I guess she wants to be a handywoman! (You know it's your second child when you run for the camera before taking away the sharp, pointed screwdrivers!)

Finally! A "real" family picture of the four of us. Maybe the next time, we'll ALL be smiling! :)

Dad, Lisa, & the kids

Kenna enjoying her breakfast one morning. I love seeing her smile behind those fingers!

Marc & Zachary on a rainy day.... "Before"


And "After!" He had so much fun!

Kenna turned 8 months yesterday. It's hard to believe, yet I'm thankful all at the same time! Every time I feel sad about her lack of newborn-ness, I remind myself of the hours of screaming every day. :)
These baby blues get me every time.

Z couldn't be left out of the picture taking!

She's always got her eye on whatever her big brother is doing!

I love this picture of her. She's such a thinker!

She was trying to get my camera here & had propped her arm up on my leg. This smile makes all the hard times so worth it!

Marc came home from work today & caught us in a quiet moment together (the first quiet moment all day!) He grabbed the camera so we wouldn't forget what peace looks like.


Organizing Mommy said...

Krista! What Darling kids! I thought Tennessee was beautiful. We drove through it on our way to Atlanta a few weeks back. It was so pretty. Only one thing. When we stopped a rest stop, a lady come over and asked if we could spare some money for some "gaze". I said, "GAZE?" Gays? What? like a gay cause? Finally after about three tries, I figured that she wanted money for GAS. How do you EVER figure out what they are saying?!!! I would need an interpreter!

Also, not to make you MORE jealous, but our subdivision was built on farm land, it is BEAUTIFUL soil. It should be illegal not to plant a garden, if you know what I mean. And if you do come back to town this summer, stop over. We'll have tea!

The Mobile Massager said...

ummmm, i'm in love with your children...have i told you lately? I love that last picture of you and the kids. SOOOO great! I can't wait to see you! You are the best mother....i forgot to tell you Happy Mother's Day!!