Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As overheard in Chicago O'Hare International airport...

Extremely Irate Man to airline employee: "I don't understand why if the other airline employee could get on the plane to tell my traveling partner & ride home that I was going to miss the plane....why couldn't I just get on the plane?" (can't say that I blame him for being mad)

Airline employee at gate with microphone: "Now boarding to Winnipeg....all first class passengers, passengers needing special assistance, airline mileage plus passengers..." (you know ,that long list of people who get to go first?) 3 minutes go by. Same airline employee: "Now boarding Winnipeg section 1. Section 1 please come to the gate." 3 minutes go by. Same airline employee: "Does anyone really want to go to Winnipeg? I have a full flight but no one is in my line yet!!!" (this sounds really stupid now that I've typed it out, and it was super funny when it happened. Guess it was one of those "you had to be there" situations, or maybe I am just bad at telling stories. Or both. I am really bad at re-telling stories. I'd delete it now but I'm too lazy.)

This is my favorite. Old lady wife talking to old man husband, after quietly eating almost all of a sandwich that someone they were staying with made them: "I still can't tell whether this is ham or turkey."

Oh, and I didn't overhear this, I saw it: A mouse quietly scurry back and forth behind the gate counter a couple times. I'm not afraid of mice, but I was still impressed at the airline employee's ability to not scream out in panic.

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The Mobile Massager said...

okay this is another hilarious one! i'm SOOO glad you document these things. You know you could probably write a book..has anyone ever told you that??