Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steeler Nation

Just a few more members of the Steeler Nation supporting their team! Zach saw this balloon at Kroger the other day & we had to get it for the Big Game. And check out his new hoodie, $3 at a consignment store, courtesy of my friend Melissa. Thanks, girl!

Sorry that this next one is blurry. We just realized our camera has a self-timer. I've got to figure out how to make it focus, but we just didn't have time tonight before the kids went to bed. Sad to say this is only our second family picture taken since Kenna was born. We've got to get better at that!

Did you notice Z picking his nose? Typical. And you might not be able to see it well, but Kenna is also sporting her Steelers bib over her jammies.
Usually by Super Bowl time, I'm fed up with being a football widow....but even this football widow is excited about their team playing in the Super Bowl! We enjoyed some special snacks & things we don't normally eat--eating in the living room makes it fun for Z, too!

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Janet said...

Yea - it's a steeler nation in sydney too - well, at lesst in our house :-) ok, gotta go...emelia's trying to type and that's not working out so well!