Friday, February 13, 2009

Reflections over ramen noodles

Just got home from grocery shopping, lugging it all up my hill to the house, bringing it in the house, setting it all up on the counter to take a picture (yes, I actually took a picture...just wait til I get it uploaded!), putting it all away, and now I'm really hungry.

I make myself a package of chicken flavored ramen noodles and I've had the following thoughts:
  • Although this is my favorite flavor of ramen noodles, it doesn't really taste like chicken. Come to think of it, it's never tasted like chicken.
  • I marvel at how many different ways there are to eat ramen noodles. Some crush up the whole package before they plunge the noodles into the water. Some people prefer their noodles to be unbroken. Some people like lots of liquid, very broth-y. Some people like it to be just noodles. I know people who make the noodles (no crushing allowed), then pour a bit of the seasoning packet over each bite, instead of adding the packet to the whole mixture. However, I feel the perfect way to make ramen noodles involves no crushing, almost no liquid, and all the seasoning mixed in. Nothing like a 17 cent bowl of noodles.
  • Why is it that I can never eat this "perfect" bowl of noodles without slurping the liquid somewhere outside my bowl? (yes I realize this could be fixed by crushing the noodles...)
  • I was probably around 9 or 10 years old at the time. My mom started working at this restaurant, and she needed someone to watch all five of us kids (my youngest sister only a glimmer in God's eye at this point). Someone (either desperate or crazy, still not sure) who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent....took my mom up on it. So every afternoon that my mom worked, our bus would drop us after school at her trailer. She had 2 nice children, and we always had a blast over there. She always said funny things like she was going to "redd up" the living room. Anyway...we would have our afternoon snack over there on occasion. She liked to purchase ramen noodles for her children. This was not an item that we ate at home, so it was one of those "treats" for us. We would beg her and beg her to make us some ramen noodles, and I distinctly remember her telling us they were too expensive. So I've been pondering tonight. If I paid 17 cents for this package of noodles, how much less must they have been almost 20 years ago? And they were too expensive? Hmm.
  • I only eat ramen noodles about 4 times a year. Unless I'm pregnant, and then there's no telling how many times I eat them!

That's all for tonight, you guys have been great!........

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Janet said...

wow - you're the first one i've ever heard of who can have reflections about ramen noodles. and i think you might also be the last.

and i must say that although i haven't had ramen noodles in years, my favorite way is broken up a little, but not crushed to bits, medium amount of water, and then eaten with saltine crackers!

that is totally funny about that lady saying they were too expensive...really funny!!

love ya!