Monday, June 30, 2008

Beach day!

We spent the day at the beach with my Dad, Lisa, & all the kids--Jacque, Katie, Kristen, Kaitlin, David, & Z. It was a perfect day--sun shining, wind blowing, lots of great waves. We went to St Andrews State Park in Panama City, FL--on one side of the park was a calm area with the jetties. Z & Marc saw lots of jellyfish-Z's favorite since he's been watching Finding Nemo. On the other side were the waves & boats. The waves were huge & it was fun watching everyone bodysurf. There were some "real" surfers there, too, and it made us all wish we knew how to surf!

Saying "cheese" while eating cheese crackers! Taking a break from the water...

My sister Jacque & stepsister Kristen taking a break, too.

My beach umbrella...

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