Monday, June 30, 2008


I haven't blogged in awhile so there are a few things on my mind, other than vacation & reunion fun. First thing is funny--near our house, there is this mansion for sale. It's about 6000 sq ft with this beautiful lawn, pond, barns, etc. up on a hill. Every time we pass it Marc makes some comments about "is anyone ever really going to buy that?" or "I wonder how much they're asking for it?" His latest question has been "what do they do about that driveway?" (it's cement & there is only room for one car--it's pretty long & goes up a hill so there is no passing allowed).

So last night we were headed out that direction and at the last minute Marc turns up the driveway. Now if you know anything about Marc, this is the kind of thing he does all the time (gets it from his dad)...they just are curious & do things that the rest of us wouldn't dream of. So he pulls up the driveway and I'm "yelling" at him cuz I hate it when he does stuff like that. I mean, what if someone was living there & we couldn't get up or back down? (Bottom line...I don't like to be embarrassed.) As we reach the top, I say "Marc, there's a guy on the front porch!" He doesn't believe me & keeps really, the man who owns this house is sitting on his front porch which overlooks said driveway reading the paper. His son is in the back yard playing ball and of course we have to pass his son too so we can do a 7 point turn in their small driveway so we can get out of this mess....Needless to say, it was a little embarrassing but mostly funny. He got caught! I don't know why, but it really made me laugh...I guess because usually when he does stuff like that, I always chastise him but then no one lives there or it ends up not being a big deal. But that day, I was actually right!

I some other things on my mind are: I love my family. My son is the coolest & my husband is the awesomest. I can't wait to see what my daughter will be like! Oh sweet Kenna, only 3 more months til I see your beautiful, prayed-for, longed-for, face...

Last night, we briefly stopped at the Grace American Family Cookout or whatever it's called, hosted by Grace Baptist Church in Karns. There were a lot of people there & had we planned ahead & actually brought chairs & food, we probably would have stayed to watch the fireworks. As it was, I was having a few contractions (nothing major, just overdid it) and Z was ready for bed, so we didn't stay long. But we did stay long enough for Z to check out the helicopter & fire truck that were there. I think Z thought that was the whole reason we came!

They were letting the kids sit up in each vehicle so Z gets up in the helicopter in the front seat. I peek at him through the front window & am watching him as he's trying to press all the buttons & use the levers. Then he says "Close the door!" We just rolled over laughing--he actually thought we were going to close the door so he could "drive" the helicopter himself! Oh, to have the imagination of a 2 yr old...

In other thoughts...I've been reading in Psalms lately, starting at the beginning. One thing that is really striking me is how many times David calls God his refuge, or hiding place--his shield or strong tower. Sometimes he doesn't use these exact words but the picture is the same. God is a Father we can run to at any moment, for any reason. Not just when we're feeling good or think it's "safe" because we haven't done anything bad that day. But all the time....He is my refuge. I can run to Him, with anything. I can hide in Him, when my day is long and I feel lonely. I can trust that He will be my Strong Tower when I feel like my finances or life is falling apart. He is my Shield when I feel the enemy grabbing for my soul. He is my Refuge.

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