Friday, June 13, 2008

Looking up

That is, things are looking up because I am looking up. It's ironic how easy it is to be down in the dumps when you take your eyes off the things that really matter and the One who has it all under control.

I have been super frustrated the last 2 weeks, about a number of things, our finances, the fact that Marc pretty much does nothing but work, the fact that it's summer & I don't get to see any of my mommy friends anymore. I mean, the list could go on and on about the things that brought me down.

I forgot that what I should be focusing on are the things that I DO have, that I am thankful for--all the overflow that we have received from the Lord's hand. It's so easy to compare myself to other moms, or our family to other families, and feel like we're coming up short. But the truth is, none of us were meant to be exactly like the other. God has placed me in this city, in this family, in this be the wife, mom, friend, neighbor He has designed. When I get away from that design--that's when I get frustrated.

On that note, I am thankful for.....VACATION! We are having a time of vacation coming up next week. Yes, we're "only" going to Dothan--admittedly not the most exciting vacation spot in the country, but I'm determined that our family is going to have a good time. We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves because we can't "spend away" our trip--yes, we'll have some fun times & do a few fun things, but pennies will still have to be pinched. I'm determined to find some fun, creative, mostly free things to do during that time so we don't feel too deprived.

Mostly I am just super excited to be spending lots of quality time with my hubby & son--no working allowed!!


His Help Mate: said...

I came across your blog when I was looking through some comments on another blog. I REALLY enjoy your honesty and openness! I recently moved from the city to a small town 2 hours away from any type of city-life (not to mention, family and life-long friends). Life ina small town is different and I too struggle with not comparing myself to the other moms...especially the ones that seem to "have it all together"-but your blog for today was a GREAT reminder to me that we're not all meant to look alike or be exactly alike. Thanks!

Janet said...

hey friend - i like your new blogspot - hope you have a great vacation - man, you've gotten to see your fam/in-laws so much since moving to TN - what a blessing! Glad that this time hubby is along too!!! Hope you have a very fun, blessed, quality time together!!! Love ya lots and look forward to catching up more soon!