Monday, June 16, 2008

Something I forgot...and it will change your life!

I just learned yesterday from my UPS working husband--

UPS brown delivery trucks....

The roofs are white.

I mean, who knew that? I have always & forever envisioned these trucks to be completely brown all the way around.

Every time I see another UPS delivery truck, I remember this & think how weird it is now that I know the roofs are white, not brown.

I'm weird...I know.

P.S. for those of you who are wondering: the roofs are white to keep those dark brown trucks much much cooler during the summer months. Those UPS people sure are smart.

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Stephanie said...

Hey Krista! I am so excited you have a blog :) I will have to start keeping up with it!! I have missed seeing you every week - hope you guys are having fun at the beach!! We are probably going to the beach with my friend on Saturday, if Hudson can get over this cough he's got! Hope to see you guys soon, I would love to get together and catch up!!! :)
ps... I was really intrigued by the white roof - you can bet I will be trying on the roof next time! :)