Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Flag Day, Father's Day, & Monday!

Happy Father's Day to my favorite husband! He is such a wonderful father to Zachary & I am so proud to be part of his family!
Happy Flag Day (Saturday). Zachary is absolutely obsessed with American flags lately and points out EVERY one he sees. It was cute for about 2 that we're hitting the patriotic holidays (Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July), it's a bit of overkill, I think. There is a flag on every street corner & almost every house. I bought him his own personal little flag for a dollar at Walmart on Friday. He carries it with him everywhere. He wants to bring it inside grocery stores, to church, to friends' houses....absolutely hysterical!! I tried to get a pic of him & his flag but he wasn't feeling too cooperative.

And...Happy Monday! Mondays are usually a bit difficult for me, just because Z loves his daddy so much and hates that he has to go to work after being home for 2 days straight. This one is turning out okay so far. I mean, it has to be a good day when you get to shave like Daddy, right? :) Marc shaves his head bald, so when Z went to put his own shaving cream on, the first place he did it was right on top of his head! So funny!

It's always a good day, too, when you can start it with a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes! Yummy!

Yesterday we had the greatest time at church. We've started going to a "Couples with Young Children" community group & that has been really cool for us, too. But yesterday started off great with some awesome worship done by a band who I think ministers in the college group at our church. We had never heard them before & it was so incredible & refreshing! It's been awhile since I have felt the presence of the Lord that strong. That was followed by an inspiring message by Pastor Rick...I think what impressed me the most about yesterday was P Rick's "mini-message" though in the middle of worship. He talked about what God is working in his heart, and that it is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That everything we are looking toward and seeking out should be about the Gospel. That we should have a sense of urgency--not busyness--to be sure we are carrying out the message of the Good News of Christ with every part of our lives. He was so humbled and broken as he spoke what the Lord had been doing in his heart. I feel so blessed to be part of such a great church, and I've been pondering all this in my heart since yesterday....processing.

Anyway, we enjoyed the worship so much in the first service that Marc decided to enjoy the worship music again during second service while I went to the community group & he would join me after worship was over. We went our separate ways & I enjoyed hearing our pastor's wife (also a therapist) speak on the development of 3-5 yr olds. It was information we desperately needed to hear since we are about to have a 3 yr old soon! Marc never showed up for the group--when I met him afterward, he had Zachary already from the nursery. Z looked at me, threw his hands up in the air & said "We had donuts!" I knew there was a story behind this, and indeed there was! :)

Marc knows that Z loves worship music, especially loud music--he calls it "praise the Lord" music! So Marc decided to get Z out of the nursery to enjoy the music with him. All was fabulous until the music got a little quieter & it was just the piano playing softly, in a sweet atmostphere. All of a sudden, Z yells out (for the whole congregation to hear): "Daddy, are they gonna play another song?" Marc said he was so embarrassed! He ended up having to take him out of the service so they didn't disrupt anyone else's worship time...hence the donuts! I certainly enjoyed since they bought me one, too!

Hope you enjoy the pictures & stories...more to come! I'm off to make my little guy some lunch.

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