Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Friday night I had some women over for a Girls Night, plus we said our goodbyes to April who is moving to NC on Friday. We had such an awesome time talking, and eating, of course! Here's April with her cake, Emily, & me. April, we'll miss you so much and we'll be praying for your safe journey to NC this weekend.

This weekend, Z woke up from his nap a little early & found his dad playing his new Playstation Game--some kind of car racing thing. Z was absolutely enthralled with it and insisted that he play. Here he is trying to push the button to make the car drive, but he wasn't too sure & the car was only going 40 mph...not too fast when you're supposed to be racing! He had a good time, though, and most of his fun came from picking out the color of the car he wanted to race. Z and his colors...he's obsessed.

Yesterday, we spent some time with Christy, Michael, and baby Joshua. The older boys played out in the pool & sprinkler while we snapped pics and Joshua slept (lucky him!). This plastic rake was the toy of the morning--they kept taking turns playing with it. I didn't get any great shots of the 2 boys together, but they had so much fun!

Here's Michael getting brave with the sprinkler...not too long after this, he decided he wanted a drink & stuck his whole face in--too funny! I think Christy got a good pic of the 2 boys getting a drink at the same time.

My favorite son:

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