Thursday, July 10, 2008


So apparently my friends at The Cutest Blog on the Block finally figured out I was frustrated & fixed things. Just kidding, I know they didn't do it just for me...but it sure was nice to change my background. To pink in honor of my little girl who kicks the crap out of me every day.

We spent the day relaxing since I was having a few contractions today. Poor was raining most of the day & then I wasn't really doing much. We read LOTS of books (thank goodness we visited the library yesterday) and watched a few movies. I introduced him to An American Tail--he liked it I think! I think those mice are so funny!

Z has been extra snuggly with me the last week. I wonder if he senses that changes are coming? We've talked to him lots about his baby sister coming. Actually, Marc told him last week that we would be going to the hospital & bringing his sister home, and told him all about what having a newborn would be like (the crying, giving hugs, etc). The funny thing is, Marc forgot to tell him that it was still a few months away. So every time we got ready to go somewhere for a few days he said "we're going to the hospital!" He is so excited to see his sister!

I read this blog today & was really struck by it. Marc's sister just recently went through her husband's deployment, and my sister's boyfriend is also currently deployed, and one of my closest childhood friends--her hubby has been overseas since Dec & not returning til next year sometime. They have an 18 month old right now, I just couldn't imagine. I have often said that God did not mean for me to be a military wife. Reading from this woman's point of view really helped me understand a few things...maybe you will learn something too. Visit the blog at Rocks in my Dryer.

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Kim said...

Hi Krista,

That is so cute that your son is so excited to meet his new baby sister. You are in such a blessed time in your life right now.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Did you get a chance to make some chicken stock yet? If you have any questions, please feel to email me.