Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's up from Wisconsin!

So...last Tuesday afternoon I was sitting on my couch thinking how boring the next few weeks was going to be now that I didn't have any company scheduled to come....wishing that I had something really exciting planned to help me pass the time these next few weeks.

10 minutes later, my old boss called to ask me if I wanted to work for her for a few weeks up in Madison, WI. A few hours and lots of phone calls later, it was all arranged! Talk about a lot of answers to prayer all wrapped up into one! See, I've been wanting to go back up north before the baby came to see some friends & just hang out, but haven't had the gas $$. We could always use some extra $$ as well (from me working), and this, well--this took care of all my problems including my boredom.

Now I get to work a little, make a little money, enjoy being with adults and using the other side of my brain, as well as this company is paying for my travel expenses, so I get to see my friends for free. Doesn't get much cooler than that. It looks like we'll be up north til the 1st of August or so.

The job part is going well...I have lots going on in my brain about my current situation. Definitely prefer stay at home mommy to this--I am missing my boy! Plus I remember again what it was like to feel so exhausted you didn't want to cook dinner...didn't have time to clip coupons or pinch pennies...just wanting to get home, eat, and get everyone to bed to start the day over again. I am super thankful for my sister who is taking care of Z while I am working. They are having a blast! She has taken lots of pictures, most of which I haven't seen yet, because I'm too tired at the end of the day to look.

I had brought some work back to the hotel tonight to work on, but my brain is just too tired. I'm done. Headed to bed. Hopefully soon I will have lots of pics to post....until then.


Jon and Melissa said...

Glad you get to be an adult for a few weeks. That is awesome how it all worked out. I need that to happen to get me an all expenses paid trip out to Cali. Can you send some vibes my way. HA!!

Anonymous said...

ah-huh, so now i get the story...i don't know how you were bored at home...to me it seems like you are constantly either going to see family or they are coming to you since you moved, but awesome how God has worked it all out for you!!! poor marc....i'm sure he misses you and Z. stay safe -love ya -janet