Friday, July 25, 2008

Dalai Lama

Ok, so here's a funny story. A few nights ago, I was at the front desk trying to get some towels. The clerk was talking on the phone, obviously to another guest, about a smoking room & how to get the odor out. When she hung up, she said "this dalai lama guy is more trouble than he's worth." I had seen some Asian people around the hotel and thought "what a racial remark that woman just made."

Then, at lunchtime today, a different desk clerk was there helping another woman check in. This clerk said "by the way, you just missed the dalai lama." I thought to myself again, "wow, I can't believe these hotel staff with all their racial slurs."

So I get in the car headed to lunch with some of the women I'm working with and I mention it to them. Come to find out, the actual Dalai Lama was really in Madison this past week. So, hotel staff are off the hook, no racial slurs intended.

And, seriously, the Dalai Lama stayed on my floor, right across from the elevator. I saw him and his family more than once and had no idea it was him. Of course, I don't worship the man or anything, but just thought it was cool that a person of such influence was sleeping 5 doors down from us.

Check it out here! It's really true--I'm not making it up!

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Jon and Melissa said...

That is hillarious!!!