Monday, September 8, 2008

21 more days (+ a half hour)

But who's counting? :) Really, I'm doing & feeling very well for being 37 wks pregnant. I feel so well that sometimes I forget I am pregnant...which leads to all kinds of things, most of which are painful. Almost burning your belly on the stove. Bumping your belly into just about everything. Getting your belly soaked in the bathroom at church because the sink is all wet (but no other way to wash your hands but to lean over really far). Oh, the joys!

You know the other night when I couldn't sleep? I had the most awesome quiet time, just me & God. He reminded me how much He longs to talk with me, and just hang out with me. He's been bringing me back to the basics lately. Teaching me how to walk more simply, yet deeply.

Okay, more randomly...I witnessed a drive-through wedding on Saturday. No kidding. We were in Pigeon Forge driving from Z's favorite place (the Apple Barn) to our favorite mountain swimhole. Stopped at a stoplight, when suddenly we looked over & saw a wedding chapel with the sign "Drive-thru weddings." Marc made a comment & I thought he was joking. He was not.

This couple was in a convertible at a drive through window getting married. As we pulled away from the light, the guy inside the chapel handed the couple 2 of those car magnets (like a lot of businesses use) that say "just married." I thought to myself, what does that say about these people and how they are going to view their marriage? What does that say about anyone who can't take the time to get out of the car to get married? Shouldn't something as sacred and holy as two lives joining as one be worth getting out of the car for? Maybe there was a medical emergency or something & they wanted to be married before anything bad could happen?....I'm still pondering this.

On a funnier note...Z & I have had a rather interesting day. One of those days when he challenges everything. Earlier we spent some time outside--he was trying to ride his tricycle down our really steep hill and I asked him to stop & put it away. I clearly cannot be running down a hill after him & in this 90 degree weather really didn't want to push the trike down to the cul de sac & then push him around the whole time after. We went inside after a few minutes because he just didn't listen to me.

Later this evening, we were all outside for a few minutes while Marc was grilling, and Z decided to get on the trike again. I was trying to coach him through the "right choice" of getting off & putting the trike away and said something like "Mom told you we weren't riding your trike tonight. What do you think you should do to obey?" He responded with these words: "Ride my wagon instead." Needless to say I don't think that any discipline happened because I was laughing my head off!

The funny thing is that when we were reading his Bible before bed, the story was about Adam & Eve & the forbidden fruit. How God was sad that A & E disobeyed Him and they had to leave the garden. You've never seen a kid's face get so glum so quickly. You would have thought that I was personally yelling at was neat to see him respond to Scripture this way, though, and it helped to reinforce that God wants us to obey Him and our parents. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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