Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drumroll, please...

She's still a girl! (Cuz I'm sure you all were just on pins & needles wondering...) :)

Have to make this quick since I have lots to do still today, but we had a great drs appt today. Kenna weighed in at 6 lb 4 oz (by ultrasound) and is looking so healthy! The dr looked at my chart today & said "This has just been the best pregnancy, hasn't it?" He was just so pleased/shocked that I haven't had any complications. To God be the glory...Great things He has done! And great babies He has created!

We discussed our labor options...I'm still going to try not to have a c-section if possible, but if she doesn't come by 9/30, I will schedule a c-section for that date. There are just too many risks involved for me with induction & waiting past 40 weeks. I am thankful we have gotten this far! It helps me to know that I only have to tough it out for 25 more days, at the very longest. I CAN DO THIS!

No cute little baby face pictures. She definitely wants to keep her looks a surprise. Her head is so smashed down they almost didn't get a measurement of her head on ultrasound. Little stinker already! But we glimpsed a little bit of hair on the small part of her head that she did show us. (no, I don't know if it's curly! but we hope so).

Gotta go, this is turning into a book & I've got to figure out something for supper. Let the countdown begin...

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