Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor day

Too bad, it was not a "real" labor day for me! Although, as I "enjoyed" 90 minutes of contractions 10 min apart on Sunday night, I realized that I'm not that ready for this little girl to make her appearance yet--I have a few more things to accomplish!

We've hit the 36 week mark, which seems incredible to me. Just 32 weeks ago, I was shocked out of my mind by a positive pregnancy test...30 weeks ago, praying that the bleeding did not mean this pregnancy was over...26 weeks ago, learning how to give myself injections to keep this little one growing strong....19 weeks ago, discovering this baby was, indeed, the "Kenna" girl I prayed for back in November.

And now, here I sit (uncomfortably, mind you), awaiting her birth & pondering how miraculous life is. (yes, and trying not to think about what comes next--the birthing part).

Anyway, we had a fabulous Labor Day weekend, spent together as a family. Hubby had off all 3 days from both jobs and it was so relaxing! We spent Saturday at the Zoo, trying not to get heat exhaustion but enjoying Z playing & looking at all the animals. Sunday we had a great church service, followed by a great nap and some family time at home. Monday we went to Fort Kid so Z could play on the playground downtown (but really, so we could get shaded parking for the Teamsters picnic), then walked down to World's Fair Park and enjoyed the water fountain. Marc decided, swim trunks or no, it was too hot not to enjoy the water & kept trying to get me to join them.

The Teamsters picnic was held at the Park & they had free food, soft drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, giveaways...you name it. Pretty impressive company picnic if you ask me. There were so many people there--I had no idea that the Local Teamsters Union was so large. They also had inflatables for the kids & water games, too, plus live entertainment. Definitely an enjoyable day, especially since it didn't cost us a penny.

We decided it was time to leave when I could no longer feel my feet (did I mention it was hot? hot + pregnant woman = swollen extremeties)...then we went home & had a great nap. Dinner was so stressful :) --we had a PCA night (thanks to my friend Adrienne for the idea). PCA stands for popcorn, cheese, and apples. Adrienne's hubby's family started this tradition where they eat PCA and watch a family movie together every so often...Adrienne & Jason continue the tradition with their fam & every once in awhile, we have one of these nights, too. It's great for when you don't feel like cooking and just want to hang out and enjoy each other.

So, PCA night was great--we got The Bee Movie for free courtesy of Redbox and even Z sat down & watched most of the movie with us. We are really enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 3.

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