Thursday, September 11, 2008

She's here!

**Disclaimer: The following is a birth story. If you are squeamish, don't read!**

Well, our Kenna girl decided to arrive a bit early! Which was definitely okay with us. On Tues evening during our Women's meeting, I started to have a few contractions but they went away after about 45 minutes. On the way home from church, I rear-ended a car--nothing major, in fact neither car had a scratch on it & we didn't even need to file a police report. My belly was cushioned so well by the seat belt that I didn't even hit the steering wheel at all.

Early Wed morning (about 4:45 am) I woke up with some back pain & contractions about 10 min apart. After about 90 minutes, they were 7 minutes apart. I took a shower, packed my hospital bag, trying to get ready in case she decided today was the day. I called my drs office since I had an appt scheduled for Thurs anyway & they got me right in. Ultrasound showed everything looked great, non-stress test showed I was indeed having regular contractions, although my cervix didn't appear to recognize them. One bit. Not even a bit dilated--I was a little disappointed.

Dr decided to send me to L & D triage to be monitored for a few hours due to the really minor car accident, and we fully expected the contractions to go away & them to send us home since that's what happened SO many times with Z. But after 3 hours, contractions were stronger and between 3-4 minutes apart. We talked things over with my dr, and agreed that the risks of induction were too high, as well as the fact that even a minor car accident like that could have done small damage to the placenta that we wouldn't be able to see until I was in active labor--which could have severe consequences for Kenna & me.

So we decided to proceed with a repeat c-section. I think it was the right decision. I am so thankful, my recovery is going so much better than the 1st (which wasn't really too bad). Kenna is a great nurser already!

She was born on Wed, 9/10/08, at 5:53 pm. She weighed 7 lbs even and was 19 1/4 inches long. Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers for us during this pregnancy--we are so grateful to God for our miracle baby girl!


Jon and Melissa said...

Looking at your post times. you have not really slept ha. You obviously want her w/ you in your room. J/K! So you can't sleep. I am so happy that all is well. Can't wait to meet her.

Nathan, Kimberly and Lucy said...

Congrats Krista! She's beautiful!