Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life with 2

I am loving life with 2 kids. Yes, I have had help from my mom who has been with me all week, and yes, I am still on some nice pain medication. But I feel confident I will still love this even after mom goes home & the percoset is all gone. :)

I have also enjoyed a forced break from the computer. Aside from checking my email & facebook every once in awhile, blog checking & posting has taken a backseat to my new little one.

Here are a few sweet pictures from this past week:

Our family of 4

My mom (Grandma Memere), Zachary & Kenna

A great picture of me & my kids--Z is obsessed with her chin.

In this picture, Z was holding Kenna, being so sweet, holding her hand, touching her fingers and saying her hands were "tiny, tiny, tiny." Z always says things in threes...Kenna was looking up at him with eyes wide open. I wonder what she was thinking...

I'm sure I'll have more to post when I feel more human. If I make it out the door anywhere, I can usually only last about 2 hours & then I'm good for nothing. (despite what all my moms-n-more friends think!) I am healing so well from my c-section, but still moving slow. It's hard for me to remember I've just had major abdominal surgery. I guess coming out from surgery with a baby makes it not seem like surgery, you know?

Don't think I've mentioned this before, & I almost hate to post it in writing for fear of regression, but Z seems to be very potty trained. We started about a month ago, & he took to it very quickly. I guess he was just really ready. I'm so thankful for that transition & the fact that it happened before K was born. Here is a link from Rocks in my Dryer with Potty Training Tips--I really loved some of the things she mentioned here.

I'm off to bed now, as I've made it my goal to sleep before midnight tonight. Little one is sleeping, and so must I!

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mandy_moo said...

You can't blame the little guy... she does have a very cute chin :)

I always wonder what teeny tiny babies are thinking about too.

Big congrats!!!

mandy_moo from PAL