Sunday, August 10, 2008

Changes upstairs...

Me & Kenna at 32 weeks. I'm farther out here than I was with Z at delivery...haven't gained as much weight but I'm so much bigger!

What do you think? Is it a little boy's room?....

Or a little girl's room?

Or a guest bedroom? (bed not made)

Or maybe it's all 3? :) Z has a new big boy bed now. No more fire engine toddler bed--we just didn't have the room for it, plus the crib, plus the queen bed in our 2nd bedroom. And since we only have 2 bedrooms, something had to go. Thankfully, he is not too sad about it and in fact, is very protective of his "new" bed (which is really just a twin mattress on the floor right now til we get the rest of it). When we try to get on it, he says "get out. Please." Hilarious!

I posted his fire engine bed on craigslist, thinking it might take up to a week to sell...the post went up around 9:00 pm, it was sold by 10:00 pm, and I already had to turn someone else down a few minutes ago! These people are serious about their craigslist stuff! I'm just glad it will be off our hands by tomorrow & we'll have a little extra cash.

I also feel much better knowing the crib is set up and we have her carseat at least here at the house (as opposed to our storage unit), just in case she decides to come earlier than we think. I must have done a little too much today (had a few contractions), so now I'm "resting" at the computer. Don't worry, they stopped. Plus my hubby has ordered me to rest the rest of the night--he is so good to me!

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