Friday, August 15, 2008

A new perspective

So I was feeling sad the other day.

Last night I had an opportunity for a Girls' Night Out--always fun since I rarely get to leave the house after 8 pm due to hubby's work schedule. A bunch of us got together for some great Mexican food, desserts, and spa treatments. Janna even painted my toenails for me! Super sweet, since I can barely reach them anymore! (They look so cute, I wore dressy sandals out to dinner tonight instead of my usual sneakers.)

But my favorite part of the night was when I got to share my stories. About how God led us to move to TN, how He led us to the right high-risk OB office, how He surprised us with this baby when we had given up on expanding our family. How He provided answers to all the "why" questions we faced with our losses. How He redeemed what the enemy meant for evil and made it turn into good.

I love getting to share what God has done in my life through these trials. I really feel like a different person because of what we have been through, and I know it is only because of His grace. My mind wanders to that popular song on the radio right now "Your Grace is Enough" by Chris Tomlin--I just love the line at the end "Your grace is enough, heaven reaching down to us..."

On another quite humorous note, Marc & I took Z to a new playground after dinner tonight. I was all dressed up in my jeans & cute dressy sandals & pink toes....sitting on the bench because when your belly weighs 500 lbs, that's what you do at the playground.

This family was there, and the adults of the family sitting under the pavilion were clearly "under the influence" of some sort of liquid concoction, disguised in McDonald's large soda cups. The uncle of these kids who was probably only in his 20s comes up to me as Marc & Z are chasing each other around. He starts asking me how far along I am and whether Z was my son, etc. He's about 6 feet away from me & I can smell the alcohol...

Now I wouldn't consider myself to be a bad looking woman, but neither would I describe myself as "hot..." Especially now, in my 33 week pregnant condition. As a matter of fact, I had to rustle up one of the 3 (count 'em, 3) shirts in my closet that cover this massive stomach just so I would look decent enough to be out in public with my hubby. But this clearly drunk man is looking me over as if I am America's Next Top Model. Poor guy...

I don't know whether to laugh my head off or feel complimented. :)

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Jon and Melissa said...

I am glad you had fun. It was such a great night to be a women instead of a Mom for a few hours.