Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Links to love

Here's a great reminder to all the moms in my season of life that it's okay not to have it all together--Crystal from Biblical Womanhood shares with us. This really helps me, as this week I have literally felt run over by a Mac truck, Z has taken 1 nap out of 3 days, and Marc hasn't been feeling well either. Not much housework getting done here. :)

Here's one for a good laugh. I can definitely see this happening in my house!

I guess I'm out of links for now....I'm out of steam too, ready for bed.

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Anonymous said...

hey friend,

just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link about "not having it all together" - wow - it's so true and i've been struggling wit this exact thing! You know how I love to be organized and neat and tidy....I can't work or relax in disorder, but since becoming a mom, well, the housework has gone out the window and i often feel guilty about it! What an encouragement this was to me! So thanks...and I'm going to have to try that blueberry muffins recipe too...