Thursday, August 7, 2008

Faces and feet

Well, we had our monthly ultrasound today. She is growing well but is still disappointing us with her bad positioning. The last 3 ultrasounds I've had she's been laying face up and we get horrible pictures of her, you know, those "skeleton" looking ones that don't even look like a baby? Our drs office does the 3D ultrasounds but we still don't have one since she never cooperates. Guess she wants her face to be a real surprise!

But, she's doing great otherwise. I was able to confirm her position (which I'd guessed due to all the poking & prodding the last few weeks)--she is head down with her knees on the top right side of my belly and both her feet on the top left side of my belly. She likes to push HARD and tries to stretch out a lot...needless to say that is not too comfortable, but it's so fun to feel her moving & touch her little feet from the outside.

Her weight today was 4 lb 4 oz and she measured right on target, so all is good. I have to start my weekly visits now for non-stress tests and ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid. I can't believe we're getting this close!

We also got to take a tour of the hospital we'll be having her at, which was nice since we had only been there for Marc's lithotripsy surgery in January and had no clue where the OB unit was or anything. It is so nice and every room is private, which is a luxury we did not have with Z. We also got to peek at some of the babies in the nursery. One of the nurses brought a little boy over to the window so we could see. Z looked over and said "mommy, there's baby kenna!" It was so sweet....but we had to tell him "not yet!" He is so anxious to see his little sister! (as are Marc & I)

Normally I'd post an ultrasound pic at this point, but.....really, it's not even worth scanning. It's half her face with her balled up fist on the other side. You can't even tell it is supposed to be a face. It makes me so anxious to see her! Maybe next week she'll cooperate!

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