Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Biggest Loser makes me weepy

Although, I think I was weepy before I started watching the Biggest Loser. Unusual, since I'm never weepy unless I'm pregnant. And no, I'm not pregnant. I'm like 99% sure.

I struggle. Just wanted to put that out there. Sometimes you can look at other blogs & think "man, they seem to have it all together--why can't I be more like her?" I've decided a little reality check is in order. It's natural to want to put your best face forward. But sometimes, it's good to let your guard down. To let people know that it's not always perfect. My laundry is usually never caught up, I leave the dishes in the sink til morning (gasp), and yes, I am that woman who cleans her bathrooms a few minutes before guests arrive. I hope I haven't disappointed you.

But the truth is, what I want my children to remember about me is not that the house was always clean or that they never had to search for clean socks, but that I was always available to play with them, read stories, go outside. I'm not the best at this...dirty dishes often win over a cuddle on the couch, and sometimes I do mumble "yeah, that was so cool!" without looking when my son says "Mom, watch this!" for the hundredth time that day. But I'm trying, and learning, and growing every day to be a better mom.

**beep, beep beep**We interrupt this broadcast to let you know that the author of this blog is now feeling 105% better. We now return to your regular programming.**beep, beep beep**

I just had the most wonderful video conversation (if you can call laughing your heads off a conversation) with my sisters via Tokbox. Nothing like a few smiles across the smiles to make all the weepiness disappear forever. And a surprise chainsaw...

My deepest apologies to all you women out there with no sisters. There's just nothing like it in the whole, wide world.

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The Mobile Massager said...

okay..the chainsaw is going down in history...any time i need to laugh i will think of that moment!!!!!!!! it makes me laugh right now. so thank you!

p.s. my word verification for leaving this comment is BACTUM. i just thought that was funny! bactum. ha.