Friday, January 23, 2009

A good deal

On a whim, I swung by the KARM thrift store on the way home today. Look at this! A beautiful, 3-story dollhouse for my daughter (complete with pieces, including that cool grand piano at Z's left):

(I say daughter because my son is pictured here. Cut him some slack--it's a new toy. Anyone would be excited. Plus someone has to play with it til Kenna gets older, right?)

And check out that price tag: $9.99! I believe this originally retailed for somewhere around $65-$70. Even better: When I got up to the checkout, they had me draw a ticket for a % off my bill for a customer appreciation event they were having. Boy, was I appreciative--I got a 25% discount! So this beauty cost me a whole $7.50.
Just had to share that great deal with all of you! Thanks for indulging me.


Jon and Melissa said...

Dude that rocks!! So jealous. Love finding sweet deals like that.

Janet said...

krista - that's totall awesome!!! i'm sure kenna will LOVE it when she gets bigger :-) My jaw drops to the floor every time you share about how you've saved money on something or how God has provided for a financial need...and even awesome toys for your kids! Wow - God must love you very much :-)