Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny. And serious.

We were driving in the car yesterday morning, and Zachary was pretending to be a baby.

(Background: When I was pregnant with Z, a coworker nicknamed me "pooch" since I had a really cute little pooched out belly. That is, until I hit 22 weeks & couldn't stop from all went downhill from there. So, Marc decided to continue the tradition of "pooch" when I was pregnant with Kenna--he always told Z "Kenna's in the pooch.")

Back to the story. So Z was pretending to be a baby, then he said "Mom, I was in the pooch when I was a baby just like Kenna was." I said, "Yes, buddy, you were." Then Z said, "Mom, then I got in my helicopter & I flew right out of the pooch!"

I wish it would have been that easy.


Signs of Southernness:

Me, after hearing Z rummage around in the kitchen: "Z-man, whatcha doing over there?"

Z: "Mom, I'm just fixin' ta use the mixer."


Some of Z's favorite new "big boy" things he can do now:
  • He pees standing up. This one is just weird for me. You know, never having stood up to pee & all that. But he sure is proud of it.
  • He drinks from a regular cup all the time.
  • He can get his own spoon of peanut butter. This one--a bit dangerous. Nothing like finding a spoon of peanut butter on the couch when you sit down. Hasn't happened yet, but I can see it coming...
  • He can almost dress himself all the way. And not a moment too soon, as far as I'm concerned.
  • He has such an imagination. He says all the time, "Mom, I'm going to get in my ambulance, and drive to Lowe's (his favorite store), and take back your blue chopper & your white mixer and get a white chopper & a black mixer." First of all....he'd make great time getting to Lowe's. Second....when did this kid learn about returning stuff to the store? I think I've only returned 1 thing in his presence.
  • He can out-talk any girl or woman I know. With real, actual conversation. Marc said yesterday Z woke him up by talking. Marc timed it & Z talked for 6 minutes straight without stopping. And you wonder why I need a few hours off... :)
  • He loves God. He's learned 3 Bible verses (with references)...and can actually tell you how they apply to his life. My favorite is hearing him say, "God loves me SOOO much He sent His Son Jesus. John Free Sixteen." When you think about it, I guess it really is "John Free Sixteen." Doesn't get any "free-er" than that.
  • He knows what ingredients go in whatever we're baking. I asked him, "How do we make chocolate chip cookies?" He says, "Butter, sugar, eggs...then vanilla. Flour...." Have I mentioned how in love I am?
  • When asked what music he'd like to listen to, he chooses from the following: Praise the Lord music (otherwise known as Crystal Lewis "A Joyful Noise" kids CD), Sara Groves (yes, he actually says Sara Groves!), Zachary's music (a concoction of classical music, mostly the soundtrack from the movie Rudy), or Mosh Music (Stavesacre...Christian alternative).

I just know you love him more now that you know all this stuff! Right?


Nikki said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one with a little boy that can out talk and woman.

Janet said...

sarah groves....great choice Zachary! we LOVE sara groves!!!! thanks for the laughs...i needed that! having a difficult time dealing with Emelia not eating her solids. I'm sure it will probably pass and one day she'll just keep eating, but after almost 3 weeks of either eating nothing or only 1-2 bites it's just concerning me. i guess it's all a part of being a new mom. anyway, loved "hearing" about the things Z is up to these certainly has quite the imagination :-)