Saturday, January 3, 2009

White Christmas

So Christmas Eve night, we decided to be crazy & drive to see some of our old friends, Dave & June & kids, in Naperville/south Chicago...we left at 9:30 Christmas Eve night after attending our first Christmas Eve service ever and enjoying a wonderful meal with some friends. We drove all through the night, the kids did awesome, and we made it there in 8 hours! With the time change, we ended up waking our friends at 4:30 am...poor Dave & June! Their kids slept til 8 but we woke them so early.

**Side note: Marc & I have been, um, "discussing" the commencement of yearly Christmas traditions for our family. Since we've been married, we've never done the same thing every year, and I wanted to start establishing some small traditions now that we have kids. He graciously agreed to them...but since we decided to drive to IL at the last minute, the only one we squeaked in was attending the Christmas Eve service. Guess the joke's on me. Maybe our holiday tradition is to not have any traditions & to be spontaneous?

I was a horrible mom & didn't take the usual "opening the presents" pictures. But at least I got a few of our friends & the kids later that day.

This is our new "Grandpa" holding Kenna. (Grandpa is June's Dad....he was a breath of fresh air. We SO enjoyed getting to meet him and he felt like family to us!)

Marc pulling Zachary on the sled. He kept asking to go outside every half hour. He loves the snow! It rained the day after Christmas & didn't stop...we followed the rain all the way home to TN a few days later. We were glad that we didn't miss the snow & that Z got to have another White Christmas!

Dave/June's daughter, Lydia, holding Kenna. She was such a sweet babysitter (so was her brother Micah), and she made that hat she's wearing with a cool knitting kit she got for Christmas. She graciously allowed me to make one, too--it was so fun! I think I'd like to make knitting my new hobby. After I finish all the other half-completed hobbies over the last 4 years...

We are so thankful for our friends & for the great, relaxing Christmas we had with them!

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