Monday, January 26, 2009

Laugh it up

I'm finally uploading some videos from my new FLIP video camera. It does take awhile to upload, so I've been putting it off.

Here is Marc getting Kenna to laugh a bit.

And (if I remember correctly!) this video is of Z getting Kenna to laugh. She's just started laughing in the past few weeks & it's still hit & miss--we never know what's going to tickle her!

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Janet said...

those videos are awesome! kenna is such a cutie!!! isn't it so great when they laugh?? Jeremy is constantly doing things to make Emelia laugh! had my mother's group over last week and emelia was cracking up watching/trying to play with the other babies...and all the other babies just sort of sat there and didn't know what to blessed to have a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh!!! now if she'd just start eating her solids....(for two weeks now she's decided she only wants milk!!)