Saturday, January 3, 2009

K girls come to visit

I got to spend a day with my mom & was awesome!

Here's one of Kenna finally sitting in her Bumbo. I think it's cute how she's got her arm resting on the side like it's an armchair!

Kenna chatting it up with Grandma all those smiles!

Kenna enjoys her first time coloring with Grandma. She really held the crayon by herself. Gotta love that grasping reflex that babies have! I think this picture is one worth framing.

Zach got bored while we were coloring, so he hid in the mountain of dirty laundry and said he was "taking a nap." Funny how he doesn't want to take a nap when it's really time...

My friend sent the kids these "Cozy Cookies" for Christmas. My kids just love them! Here, we caught Kenna on camera getting some use out of Zachary's! Z named his "Fred" and my mom called Kenna's "Ginger."

Here is the fruit of our coloring labor....I wish you could see these in person, they're too cool!

My sister Katie with Kenna--a great picture!

And Katie with both kids--another framer.

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Organizing Mommy said...

Hi Krista,
I tried to post a comment on your prayer blog, and it didn't work out. Thanks for coming to my blog though. You have a sweet little family! We love the Lord Jesus also. We have five children. Glad to meet you.