Thursday, December 18, 2008

I know that you know that I know that you know you've always wanted to know these things about me.

  • I still hear these "phantom cries" in the night sometimes. It must be that with all the crying & screaming I heard from Kenna in her first 11 weeks, my brain just hasn't gotten over it. I just got up from the computer to be sure she really wasn't crying.
  • When I eat a packet of fruit snacks, I always eat them in the same order. Yellow, orange, red, and then purple. If any color is missing, I skip it & go to the next color in the list. I'm not sure if this qualifies me for some psycho award...?
  • Deep down I have a weakness for school supplies.
  • My new favorite vegetable is baby lima beans. I could eat a whole package by myself, and indeed, I almost did tonight. Shamelessly.
  • I'm totally procrastinating on the Christmas cards right now. All the other delays up to this point were valid (i.e. printer issues, etc), but this one is just. plain. procrastination.
  • I have never felt so alive & free in my entire life. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."
  • I'm ready for one of my 5 other siblings to get married & have some cousins for Z & K. Well, Katie, you'd better wait a few more years. :) But the rest of you...
  • I'm learning a lot about prayer right now. And about the God who answers it. He is amazing.

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Janet said...

well, some of these things i already knew about you, but thanks for sharing anyway :-) haha! just wanted to let you know that we got the box you sent - thanks so much!!! J and I had fun playing with Emelia's new toy :-) And thanks so much for the PB cups and kisses...yum!
love ya tons!!!!