Sunday, December 21, 2008

Think before you speak, I mean, write...

I was reflecting last night about my "i know that you know" post.

And I just want to give a retraction. My desire for my siblings to marry & have babies was purely selfish & just so my kids could have someone to play with when we visit family. No pushiness here. I certainly don't want anyone to marry the wrong person, or settle when there could be someone really awesome out there, or get married just because. Didn't want anyone to think otherwise.

So, I'm happy with the family situation as it is (but will certainly welcome anyone who is welcome by said siblings). Peace out.

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Amy said...

I've been saying for years that someone else in the family needs to have some kids because I am done & do not intend to keep the Morneault family growing all by myself!!!!
I certainly understand what you mean - for so long, I was the only one in the family to have kids. Casey & Greg had to grow up as the only kids for quite a few years until I had Riley. Then Eric & Michelle had Evelyn & shortly after, Ian. Of course, you had Zachary in between the littlest ones, but you live so far away that we don't really get to enjoy your company! It's hard enough to get together with Eric & Michelle to let the little ones play. It's funny...I saw E&M last week at Aunt Sharon's & we had this same conversation! Talking about how Dave & Justin are scared to move on to that stage in their lives, that if it didn't happen by accident or Michelle/Janna pushed the issue, the boys would wait forever!!!
Dave & Justin have been with Michelle & Janna for a long time = I certainly don't think the girls are going anywhere! If we all waited until everything was perfect in our lives, we would miss out on the little things that may be imperfect but bring us the most joy! Look at how things have turned out for you & I so far - - -I think we have beautiful families even if they came about in ways that we didn't plan!
With that said, my beautiful cousin, I miss you and am very happy that we have been able to reconnect!!! Merry Christmas! Love, Amy