Monday, December 22, 2008 discount

Just wanted to pass along a link from Coupon Cravings about an 80% discount on gift certificates from through Christmas Day.

I bought 2-$25 gift certificates to restaurants in town a few months ago, that's $50 worth, for $4.00. I haven't had a chance to redeem them yet with the baby & everything, but they're good for a year. has participating restaurants in all parts of the country. Just be careful to check the restrictions on your gift certificates before you purchase; for a $25 gift certificate, you usually have to purchase $35 worth & it doesn't include tax, drinks, etc. Still worth it for me, especially now that Z is eating so much! And I don't like to share. :)

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Janet said...

oh, how i wish they had things like this in australia!! love ya and have a great day! p.s. can you tell i just like to comment about your blogs?? i guess it's just natural to want to respond to something you've said/written :-)