Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4 weeks-I can't believe it!

Well, it's been 4 weeks since Kenna was born. For the most part, time is going by fast. I was talking with Celina about this today...we concurred that time flies with a newborn because really, it's all just one REALLY long day. Because you never get even a 5 hr stretch of sleep, there is no marked line between night & day....just short periods of sleep at weird times, and more awake time between 12 & 6 am than you ever wanted!

But I didn't start this post to complain....some fun pictures! I haven't taken many pictures lately, shame on me! Now that my life is settling down somewhat I definitely need to take more.

Here's a pic from our weekend lightning fast trip to the Smokies. This was taken at Lookout Tower on the Foothills Parkway (near Townsend, TN). We were kind of hoping the leaves would be a bit more colorful, but at least we got one beautiful tree! It's really hard to see in this picture but there was one gorgeous red tree almost near the bottom of the picture. Break out the magnifying glass so you can see it... :)

So, Kenna sucks her thumb! Mom & I were discussing this the other day...I sucked my thumb for a really long time. (I mean, really long. Like maybe you would stop being my friends if you knew just how long.) Anyway, I sucked my left thumb just like she's doing here in this picture. Most ultrasounds that we got of her in the 3rd trimester showed her sucking on her fingers, so she's a pro at this by now--she's had lots of time to practice!

Some sweet poses on the couch late last night after her bath. Her hair is finally growing in good in the front--poor baby had mullet head for a long time!

I just love these newborn wide eyed stares...

Let's see, in absence of more pictures, what other fun stuff I can tell you about our new family of 4? Kenna makes the most hilarious faces. I really have to get some of them on film for posterity (or blackmailing!). She also sleeps & dreams with her eyes wide open. It is the freakiest thing ever. She can go from looking right at you & focusing on your face to dreaming with eyes open. The only way you can tell is that her eyes roll back in her head & she starts smiling like crazy. So bizarre!

Zachary is loving being a big brother. He is so concerned whenever she is crying, loves to give her kisses, and is obsessed with her pacifiers. The other day I caught him with both her pacis in between his toes. Gross.

Tomorrow (well in about 50 minutes), my wonderful husband has his 29th birthday. I personally can't believe that. He is getting his dream birthday present--a brand-new-not-even-released-until-Oct-14th Steelers 5-disc DVD set containing all 5 Steelers Super Bowl games. You should have seen his face when he realized they were going to release this DVD cute! Just like Zachary's... I told Z we were going to make Daddy a birthday card & bake him a birthday cake--Z thought it was his birthday and started bawling when I told him it was Daddy's b-day. Then he said, "after Daddy's b-day it will be my b-day, right?" It's so hard to help him understand the concept of "1 month away"... :) He was thinking it would be his b-day immediately after Daddy's, as in 5 minutes later!

All right, well, it's off to bed. Can't squander these precious moments of quiet!

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