Friday, October 3, 2008

Hurry before she wakes up...

This week has been rough. There is no other word for it. I am learning a lot about myself, my (lack of) patience with the kids, myself, & my hubby, and just life in general.

This is the first time in a week my daughter is sleeping in her own bed for more than 5 minutes. We had such a great routine last weekend, not sure what happened except to say that she's only 3 weeks old.

The biggest lesson I am learning is to cut everyone some slack. Myself--well, I just had major abdominal surgery. I'm frustrated that I am physically still handicapped. I feel great in the mornings, afternoons & evenings not so much. Not to mention that I'm in that post-baby when-will-I-ever-wear-normal-sized-clothes-again-feeling-sorry-for-myself mode. I want to spend more time with the Lord and feel frustrated that almost every waking minute is spent with or for someone else. This is the first free time I've had in a long time (other than yesterday's shower--yes, I said "yesterday's" shower--like I said, life with a newborn, I'm cutting myself some slack!)

Hubby--he was such a big help at night when Z was born. This time around, not so much. Working 2 jobs will do that to even the most loving, caring, helpful husband. I mean, the man has to sleep sometime. Maybe someday we will get to see each other! :)

Zachary--I have to work hard to remind myself he is still only "almost" 3. I think he saved the "terrible" part of the 2's for when Kenna was born. We are learning how to speak nicely to each other--he practices using his "talking" voice instead of the whiny one, and I am learning to speak with kindness and love instead of absolute frustration & anger.

House--let's just say that if you come visit me, expect a mess. If it's clean, well, that's just a bonus.

The best part about this week for me was a conversation with a dear friend, who reminded me that I need to be depending on the Lord for my strength and not trying to do everything myself. I am not super-mom, super-woman, or super-anything. As a matter of fact, I am nothing without Him and His strength. This has made all the difference for me the last couple of days.

"Come unto me, all you who labor & are weary, & I will give you rest" (from the Bible, Matthew time to look it up so you get it paraphrased. You'll have to cut me some slack!)


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Sorry - I was trying to edit.... I think I will cut and paste this and save it for when Baby Will is born!! Very wise words.... by the way, you are doing an incredible job - the Lord's joy and peace and strength has DEFINITELY shone through in you!! It has been an encouragement to me.