Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I've been reading this blog "My Charming Kids" for a few months...MckMama has started something called "Not Me! Monday" that I absolutely love. Others' honesty about their mothering experiences makes me realize I fit right in with everyone else!

So...this week, I absolutely did not:
  • I did not put on a video in my bedroom at 9 am (shortly after waking, feeding Kenna, and eating breakfast), so that I could sleep in my bed while Kenna slept in hers. I did not make Zachary sit on the bed with me and watch a full-length Disney movie so that I could get some rest after being up most of the night.
  • I did not make my son sit in wet underwear after a nap whining at his door because I needed a few more minutes of Mom time. I most certainly did not chastise him for not telling me he had wet underwear instead of making whining & crying noises. (but I really didn't know he had peed himself!)
  • I have not completely ignored the horrible mess in my car, and have definitely not added to the trash that is piling up on the floors just because by the time I get all the kids & bags up to the house I'm too tired to deal with the garbage that has accumulated.
  • I did not whine at all this week about not losing any more baby weight and have not complained about not fitting into my smaller sized jeans.
  • Edit: By "smaller sized jeans" I mean the next size down from the huge ones I am wearing...not my pre-pregnancy jeans. Just want to clear that up. I am still in the same boat as every other woman 6 wks postpartum. :)

That's it for me. Check out Not Me! Mondays at My Charming Kids for more...

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Jon and Melissa said...

dude we must frequent the same blogs I have been to that blog. That lady is crack up. plus her kids are adorable!! I hope all is well w/ Stellan. Love that name. He has what I had when I was preggo. Scary for a lil baby though too!