Friday, October 10, 2008

Here I am...

Here I am, ringing in the new day again. Maybe one day I will be sleeping at midnight, but I'm sure it won't be for awhile since this seems to be Kenna's schedule! At least I know what to expect and I can (almost) be guaranteed a few hours' sleep after this. You all get to experience the wonder of my one-handed typing as I nurse her. You should see me--I'm pretty fast at it! Right handed, anyway! You'll have to excuse me if you find a typo. :)

We went to downtown Clinton tonight. Visited our friend Sarah's open house at her new studio for her business The Happy Envelope. Awesome, beautiful studio--and her stationery is just amazing! Check it out! (she didn't ask me to do this--I really think it's awesome) Especially for those holiday cards...

They also had a fall antique festival--so cute! Made me long for Edwards Apple Orchard back in Illinois. This is the first fall since 2002 that we have not gone to Edwards. :( It's amazing what a few hours of family fun will do to helping this married couple reconnect! We're hoping to visit a pumpkin patch not too far from here tomorrow.

Okay, so, today I had to take both kids for my first major grocery shopping trip (b/c we were forced to--no milk, no butter, no fruit, no veggies). I only shop once every 2 weeks so it's usually a pretty major trip. I used to chase the deals around town with Z--I knew that once Kenna was born, that would end. I did go to 2 stores today but I've been skipping CVS & Walgreens just cuz I don't have the energy. I can barely remember when I last fed my baby, let alone try to figure out how to make the most of my CVS extra care bucks!

Anyway, the trip was hysterical. We got through Kroger without any major difficulties. Got to Walmart, had to pick up a prescription which I had called in the refill for on Monday. It should have been ready already, but alas--not to be. Stupid Walmart pharmacy. I'm glad I will be done with these injections in a few weeks! So as I'm waiting for them to fill my script which should have already been done, Kenna starts screaming to eat. I discreetly slip on my nursing cover, start feeding her at the front of the line (which now numbers about 5). No sooner do I do this than Z says he has to go potty. And keeps saying it. Over. and. over. and. over. So we get our meds, rush to the back of the store to the family restroom where I can push the whole cart to get the real groceries. Challenging, because K's carseat is now in the front where Z used to sit. No room for Z in the buggy because we've got to put the groceries somewhere. We ended up with Z scrunched down in the back of the buggy, touching everything. Get almost through with shopping, Kenna starts crying. I pick her up & realize she has just pooped everywhere. Rush back to the family restroom again, this time with a buggy full of food. Family restroom is occupied. Change her diaper on the bench back at the old layaway section while 3 old ladies watch me. Z is crying the whole time to get out of the buggy. Finally get done shopping, rush home. Kids fall asleep in car; I pull in the driveway only to realize that I now have to lug all the groceries up the hill & into the house. Fine, except with my c-section I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than 15 lbs. Ha!! No one tell my doctor, okay?

By the time I got home, I felt like I had competed in a triathalon. I couldn't believe the whole trip for both stores, plus unloading & carting groceries up the hill was only 2.5 hours--only a half hour longer than when Z & I would go to 4 stores. I'm super glad I won't have to do that again for another 2 weeks.

Little K is sleeping now so I'm headed that way myself. Night!

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Christy and Jay Dillon said...

Oh Krista, what a trip! I was laughing yet feeling what you must have been feeling the whole time I was reading this. I have had almost identical Walmart trips to this! We usually go to the dressing rooms and I lock Michael in with me to nurse Joshua! Once I made the mistake of giving him a pack of 24 crayons to keep him occupied while I nursed and every single crayon ended up being rolled underneath the dressing room. When I came out the ladies that worked there looked at me like I was crazy! I'm glad you survived it! Love you :)