Sunday, October 19, 2008

Promised pictures

A few pictures from the pumpkin patch last week.

Zachary is obsessed with Kenna's swing!

This picture, I have no answer for. I just saw this chair in the bathroom like this & had to take a picture. Any guesses? :)

Z wearing a Green Bay Packers Helmet. Shh...don't tell Daddy! We are really Steelers fans! (Thanks, Easton, for letting us borrow this for the picture!)

I realized after going through the very few pictures I took this week, that the few I have of Kenna are all blurry. We'll have to have a photo shoot this week. I just found out we're having family come to visit--fun! Mom and Katie, plus Jacque will be home from Germany with her boyfriend Josh (whom I have not met yet so I am excited!). Lots of opportunity for pictures, I hope!

1 comment:

mandy_moo said...

I had to laugh at the one of your little man in Kenna's swing :)

Thanks for your kind words.