Sunday, October 19, 2008

Really quickly...

...before hubby (who is patiently folding laundry downstairs) realizes I am up here posting a blog! :)

Update to previous post: Z, my favorite 1stborn son, was "wailing it up"...I went in his room to hear him say "Mommy, my underwear are wet!" Well, he was more like half crying, half yelling it at me. Poor kid. I felt awful about letting him cry and even more awful that I joked about it on my blog. You all have done the same thing, right? Anyone?

We've had a busy weekend, running errands & mostly just having fun with each other. Pics to come, at least what few I have remembered to take this past week. Poor Kenna. Z has like 500 pictures of his first few months. I have some catching up to do.

And, I just want to comment for those of you who may be thinking "if she's always complaining about not getting stuff done, what on earth is she doing blogging all the time?" Come know you've thought that about me....own up to it.

Here's the deal. I realized today that it's not a super-compulsive blogging addiction that keeps me updating this thing. It's more that I have to have some outlet for my feelings. Journaling in a journal takes too long. I can type like 90-100 words a minute. So, there you go. I figure if there are actually people "out there" on the world wide web who for some odd reason want to follow this brief mention of our lives, great. And, if by some serendipitous moment (wow big word!), God graciously allows this blog to touch someone's life, well--that's just awesome.

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Jon and Melissa said...

My blog has become my outlet too and faster to type the write for me. I have pretty much scratched my kids journels which is so sad b/c I planned to write them notes and journel the things they do. someone said well when they are old enough for yo to give it to them just print out your blog. I laughed. Sorry my spelling is bad it is late and I am too tired to fix it.