Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post nap-time thoughts

I find that my mind is somewhat clearer after I sleep. I actually got a nap today and both children are still sleeping. I'd be sleeping still if Kenna hadn't needed help getting back to sleep. These are some random thoughts going through my head:
  • I bought a baby monitor off craigslist--seller said the receiver needed a new battery. She didn't say that you had to special order said battery since it was a 1.2 volt rechargeable something or other that has a special plug in thing. She also didn't say that the receiver would not work with only the power cord, something about having to have the battery in there. I would have bought the same monitor from another person...Arggh. 7 days & counting til battery arrives in mail.
  • I found $3 in the back pocket of my size ** jeans that I was trying to stretch myself into yesterday. Thankful for the surprise $3, not so thankful that jeans are still too small.
  • All our meal-receiving days are over. It's now up to me to feed my family every day. 2 months ago that would not have bothered me; today it fills my little heart with a bit of anxiety. I am SUPER thankful for the meals that we were given over the last month!
  • Favorite son #1 is crying to get out of his room now. Guess I should go see to him.
  • Choosing to ignore favorite son #1 in order to finish this blog post.
  • Most pressing order of business: find all dirty white clothes & wash them so my favorite hubby has something clean to wear to work tomorrow.
  • Hope to spend some time outdoors today; haven't been outside in way. too. long. Z would agree. Without new baby monitor, can't take Z outside til K wakes up. Arggh.
  • Favorite son really wailing it up right now. Gotta go. Maybe I'll post some pics soon.

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Kate said...

What a fun post. I always love random thoughts type posts.

How awesome that you were able to take a nap. I was just reminiscing to my husband the other day how I miss the days when my now 4 & 3 year olds would nap and I would sneak a nap in myself.

By the way, to answer your question on my post about Christmas cookies/pierogi, I am Polish. I am always baffled by people who do not know what a delicious treat they are missing by not knowing about pierogi. I couldn't imagine life without them.