Friday, November 7, 2008

12 Random Thoughts at 12:12 a.m.

Popping 'em off as they come to me....not responsible for how bizarre...

  1. I just ate 4 hershey kisses.
  2. Took some cute pics of the kids today. One of Z fallen asleep in the car with his hand in a bag of cheese cubes.
  3. Loving the fall weather & loving that I got to go outside today.
  4. Feeling like the old me again is sheer heaven.
  5. My daughter is beautiful.
  6. I took this really funny ghetto pink Avon purse to shop with tonight. Looked about 14.
  7. Wait, no 14 yr old would carry that Avon purse. Maybe 7 yrs old?
  8. When I was 7, my little brother was born. My hair was straight and the year was ....
  9. 1987.
  10. Yup I'm an 80s baby.
  11. Hurry before 12:12 runs out
  12. Night night

Update: well, you caught me, I started the post at 12:09 but I truly finished at 12:12. Weird how they time it. Off to do some laundry.

1 comment:

The Mobile Massager said...

i really appreciated this blog...especially about the purse...soooooo funny