Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One more thing.

You know how you have those days where you feel like you can conquer the world? Well, today was one of those days. And, apparently, I am conquering the world. Not only did I vacuum the downstairs, but the downstairs is actually fit for company (so come on over), kitchen is completely clean, etc.

What a good feeling.

I am feeling back to my old (pre-pregnancies) normal today, despite the lack of rest. It's such a good feeling... (think Mister Rogers' theme song).

This past weekend, we did accomplish one thing. We own this large, stand-alone freezer that I love. There was no room for it in this house. It's been sitting on the patio, all alone & sad looking. We couldn't use it, because apparently there were no outside plugs anywhere in our townhouse (per the attached-next-door-neighbor who's lived here 8 yrs). Long story short, I discovered last week that there actually IS a plug outside. Needless to stay, the freezer is cleaned out, plugged in, and ready for business. I have already started to fill it with all my wonderful pre-prepped food. What a time saver! And a $$ saver. Now I can stock up on freezable items when they go on sale & not have to reorganize my freezer just to get something out every time. Woo-hoo!

Another time saver.... We had a wireless network system in our last home, along with our laptop. A wonderful invention, to say the least. When we moved here & hooked up with our new ISP, they told me it would take some "doing" to get the router hooked up to their network, etc, etc. I tried it more than once, & chalked it up to "it's an old router trying to hook up to Windows Vista"...could never get it to work.

Tonight I got online, looked up some instructions, thinking I'd try one last time. Wouldn't you know, I'm writing to you from my new wireless network. I don't understand why it was so hard last year...it only took me like 15 minutes to do? What's up with that? Marc sleeps at odd hours of the day, and I don't have any access to the computer in the evenings after Z goes to bed. Which is, of course, when I actually enjoy using the computer. So Yeah! for my new internet surfing abilities in the evening! I'm super super excited. Of course, I'll only be using my new powers for good. Like paying bills online. Definitely not stalking facebook or blogging. :) Well, maybe just a little?

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Anonymous said...

you know, sometimes you just make me laugh. haha! So glad to hear you had a great day and were able to vacuum and clean up the house - I know it's such a good feeling! Also, so so glad you found an outside plug for your freezer...just make sure no one comes by and snatches your food! growing up in a house with two upright freezers in the basement and going to only one little freezer at the top of the fridge has taken some getting used to - especially when I have a husband who firmly believes there should be no less than 5 different kinds of ice cream in there! Certainly doesn't leave room for anything else!!! Really want to get a small chest freezer or something....but right now the budget doesn't allow it. You know how that goes. oh, also glad you got your wireless working - you go girl!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! -Janet