Friday, November 14, 2008

My day with 4

Yesterday I watched a friend's children for my own. I have to say, the day went so much better than I expected! (not that I didn't expect the children to be good, because they are all naturally good kids, but because I wasn't sure how I'd handle it)

All 4 kids are under the age of 4...the funny thing is, my friend figured out I could have actually given birth to all 4, how their ages worked out. That would be a bit crazy, I have to say!

This picture doesn't quite describe what I walked in on since I caught it too late, but here is Easton leading the other 2 kids in worship songs. It was super sweet! You can see Zachary is clapping his hands & when I walked in, Easton was directing them all with his hands...funny! It's so neat to see kids praising the Lord when you're not looking.

Yes, I actually had a chance to take pictures of my day. That tells you how well it went! Here they are having fun coloring. (well, I think they're actually having a serious discussion about which colors to use...)

Sweet Makenlee


Easton...he was coloring his picture for his mom!

Did I mention I went to bed at 9 pm? :)

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Jon and Melissa said...

Thank You!! I am so thankful you were "brave" enough to do that. I am just glad all surrived!