Friday, November 14, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Zachary's good friend Michael came over for a birthday playdate. I just didn't have it in me to have a birthday party, plus we really just forgot to plan something in enough time. But a playdate still counts, right? They decorated these birthday cupcakes & had a great time. I think they ate more sprinkles than they put on the cupcakes!

Blowing out his birthday candle. Again, showing my lack of planning, he is blowing out his "1" candle. He didn't seem to notice that it was a 1 instead of a 3! This was the first year he's really gotten into his birthday...he told everyone that day it was his birthday, even the people at the post office that morning! He had a blast blowing out the candle and asked us if he could do it again!

Showing off his new Barney DVD, Let's Play School. A bargain we found for $2 at an antique store. Marc hates Barney but I don't mind it...good thing I'm the one who has to see it all day! He is obsessed with school lately so this was a good choice for him.

He said "Diapers!" when he opened this gift. Poor kid, thought he was getting diapers for his birthday (a bummer anyway, but especially when you're potty-trained!)....

Oh, here it is! A Little People ferris wheel, courtesy of Duck Duck Goose. He's played with this toy at his grandparent's house & just loved it. I was glad to find it on sale.

He got a few other small things. The cutest part of it all was when I brought his wrapped presents downstairs...there were only 4 of them. He started passing them out to me & Marc like it was Christmas time! So sweet! You should have seen his face light up when Marc told him that all those presents were just for him....precious.

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The Mobile Massager said...

okay..."DIAPERS!!!!!" now that is and Katie are laughing so hard right looks like he had a great day and i wish we could've been there. I'm glad you had a small birthday for him, it reminds me of the ones mom always gave us..they were so special. I can't believe how big he is getting...sniff sweet. I love your blogs..