Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am a nerd.

Only nerds take pictures of their groceries.

This was my Walgreens trip. Total cost after rebates: $2.69 for 2 packs of diapers, 1 mascara, & 4 bags M&Ms.

This was CVS. I paid nothing for this, plus earned $5 to use on my next trip. 2 pkg pull-ups, 1 wipes, 1 expensive saline solution.

Food City: $13.29 for 5# apples, 1 Jif PB, 7 bags frozen veggies

I also went to Kroger, Walmart, & Sam's Club but didn't take pictures of those trips. In all, I spent $115 for 2 weeks of groceries. Still over my $100 budget, but I stocked up on some good stuff.


Nikki said...

You did good, and your a nerd if I'm a nerd for taking pics of my groceries.

janet said...

wow - i'm so impressed with your shopping! I so wish I could do the same...remember me telling you there are no such things as coupons etc. and they barely put things on sale either. I do shop around to find the best deals I can, but I spend as much every week as you do for 2 weeks, and there are only 3 of us, one of whom only drinks milk :-) Three reasons I don't like living in Australia...1. it's EXPENSIVE!! 2. too far from fam/friends 3. the weather - it's too hot! Ok, just thought I'd add in my random thoughts of the moment. Seriously, I'm jealous about your shopping...I'd love to be able to shop like that!!!! Great job! Love ya,

The Mobile Massager said...

Okay this is awesome..i laughed and was VERY impressed at the same time...oh how i love you!